The Indian Express, has prominently featured GurgaonOne and Mr Sayal’s thoughts in a story on property management services in India.

The Indian Express
November, 17, 2012


At GurgaonOne, a premium development in Gurgaon prospective buyers were first taken to the engine room where the generators and pumps hum. I take great pride in our facilities, for the key to good living is in proper maintenance and upkeep, says SK Sayal, CEO of AlphaCorp, the developer of GurgaonOne, and whose subsidiary manages the property. All equipment is maintained and processes followed according to a manual, in line with international best practices.

With larger housing complexes rivalling commercial spaces in modern equipment and fixtures, there is a requirement for centralised upkeep by trained personnel. Services that are the norm in office buildings are now making a presence on the home front: maintenance of pumps and generators, electrical gear, plumbing, airconditioning, water quality testing, fire safety and garbage clearance.

Facility management has also expanded itself to cater to other pressing needs. At GurgaonOne, the facilities team even checks the antecedents of a household help and arranges a substitute in case of absence. After taking them on board, it is now difficult to imagine living an in apartment complex without these services, says Naveneet Sahani, president of the GurgaonOne Resident Welfare Association.

Once a housing society signs up and the professionals take over, residents are expected to adhere to a code of conduct, such as no hanging clothes in the balcony, provide proper drain channels for flower pots, parking only in designated spots, no honking, no installation of air conditioners in spots other than those designated, no washing the balcony etc.

There are other guidelines in place to prevent any structural damage and inconvenience to the resident who shares a wall or a slab with another. At GurgaonOne, the residents have come together to have a system of fines for violations. It requires a proactive approach from the residents and constant engagement for the whole initiative to succeed, says Sahani.

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